Everyone seems to be talking about self care these days, encouraging spa days, trips out, spending time focusing on yourself and generally just doing 'you', it all sounds fantastic right? But when you're a parent sometimes thinking about yourself is the very last thing you do, we usually put ourselves at the end of any list and when you have dishes to do, clothes to wash, family meals to cook and littles to get to bed, self care can really pale into insignificance. But that's so wrong, even though it feels right to get absolutely everything else done first, I feel like I should share just why discovering self care as a parent is so important and why it doesn't have to always be face masks and meditation.


I used to do seasonal bucket lists a lot more often but in the end I was sat thinking of things to do as I wrote them, before I figured it's not exactly a bucket list if I can't even remember the stuff I am supposed to want to do so badly. So this year I laid off and unless I really had plans or wanted to make them, I wasn't going to be making a list and discussing it. However summer is a little different, especially as it's Noahs' first summer since being at school full time, I know we have to make the most and honestly I really want to do as much as we can.


It's come a bit of a tradition now for me to write a post on each of the boys birthdays, so of course this year is no different, my baby is turning three and it doesn't feel three moments since he was born never mind a whole three years. You're the youngest, the last one but yet somehow you're the feistiest too, there isn't a chance you're fading into the background nor that anyone could call you a wallflower. We've been hearing about your birthday for weeks now as you're completely at the perfect age to be so over excited, you're really a proper little lad and as sad as it makes me, it's the most rewarding job in the world to be your Mummy and see you grow up right before my eyes.