It's a controversial topic I know before I even begin to address this, but then again it feels like almost everything is pretty controversial in the world of parenting lately. You can't seem to set a foot down without someone telling you you're stood in the wrong place, it's all gone a little bit wild, however that isn't going to stop me talking about my boys and just why we let them holiday without us. Don't panic, they're not off to south of France solo, and they wont be heading off on a plane without any adults until the days when they're begging to go to some tacky holiday town that sell thirty shots and six fishbowls for three euro each. I'm talking about the boys heading away with my parents, which in fact they are right now, it's something my Mum and Dad do every year and despite backlash I've received, I'd never stop them.

Each year since the boys have been one, my parents have took them for a break away to their villa in Spain, it's a home away from home and the perfect little getaway, even me and John took a break sans kids a couple of years ago and it's definitely something we'd do again. My boys love it, but more important they love their grandparents, like most kids growing up I'm pretty sure they would both trade us in for Nanna and Gangan if they could, they idolise them.

But over the past five years I have definitely had my fair share of opinions thrusted upon me in regards to letting the boys go away with them, with one particular poignant comment that I was literally welcoming my children to be the next Madeline Mccann. The thought in itself while pretty scary that strangers on the internet have this much concern and opinion on my actions, is laughable as I know damn well that my parents look after the boys probably even better than myself and John do, they are their first grandchildren and they are at the forefront of every single decision they make. I can say with ease that I do not have one tiny shred of worry when they're away, my boys go to their house weekly and it's pretty much their highlight.

For us letting the boys holiday without us works well for everyone, I'm pretty sure if I told my parents no it would be a huge slap in the face - they've been an unbelievably big part of the boys lives from the moments they were born and I'm sure will continue to be so until they're on their last legs, even my Nan at 74 is a really big factor in their lives. They love that one on one time with them and seeing them flourish and change as each year has passed since they last went away, it's something they all look forward to and I hear how many sleeps it is for about a month prior. I think if we were to shelter the boys and prevent them doing things purely for our own reasoning it would be pretty selfish, there really isn't one good reason why we wouldn't let them go - sure we miss them, but the first couple of days when we're without them are of course welcomed, it's peaceful and I'm well aware not everyone is fortunate enough to get time apart like that, fortunate being the apt word as parenting is exhausting sometimes. The boys also get to do so much with their grandparents that we probably wouldn't do, the sole focus of that holiday is my parents making sure the boys have an amazing time, they get treated, they get what they want and while some may say it's spoiling them I think that's exactly what grandparents are there for isn't it?

As the years go on we wont be stopping the boys going away, far from it. It's something they absolutely adore and for us of course the free time is a blessing, but it's definitely more important that the boys have a blast and come back with so many fond memories. Whilst I grew up my Nan actually used to come away with us as a family a lot and I still remember those holidays till this day, I want my two to grow up with the same amazing stories, or in years to come go back to the villa with their own families and remember all the fun they had there growing up. They're currently there and nothing pleases me more than facetiming and hearing all of their adventures but oh boy do we miss them already.

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