This weekend already feels like an age ago when we're only on Wednesday, I think that's what happens when you get back into the swing of normality after a little break from it. And that is exactly what we had this weekend, a break from the everyday. We really aren't homebodies but this year we haven't done too much in the way of heading over night or getting away for the weekend. But I had tickets for the amazing (seriously unreal) Shawn Mendes in Manchester, and with my sisters suggestion we decided to take the boys up to hers on the Friday and make a full weekend out of it. It's been ages since we visited up there, almost a year in fact and the boys were seriously excited.

On the Friday we bundled the boys into the car at bedtime and began the couple of hours drive up north, they both fell asleep after hanging on for as long as possible and I got to torment John with a trashy 90's music playlist - which if I'm honest was absolute gold. Thank you Spotify. The transfer to bed went pretty easy and we all headed off to sleep soon after. On the Saturday it wasn't long before we were up that Auntie Lou and Uncle Joe had taken the boys off for the day to a local farm so me and John were kinda at a loss with ourselves on what to do. We decided stuffing our face with Chiquitos and then heading back to watch us both win nothing on the Grand National was the best option. The boys had an amazing time and as they headed of to sleep we all settled down for a movie, thankfully though I decided to grab an early night and luck must have been on my side as within a few hours I was woken to hear Noah - a child who at 5 has only ever vomited once in his life, doing exactly that. By some miracle he hadn't gotten any on the bed, which is a godsend as him and Pip were sharing a double and changing bedding without waking him at 2am would have been like a Krypton Factor challenge. I think it was just a case of him having lots of sweet treats and being spoiled all day because as quick as it started it stopped, and he was back to himself. John and the rest of the house managed to stay asleep throughout - how I'll never know. 

Sunday was concert day and with a hotel booked for the night, me and John headed off into Manchester for cocktails. It was nice to get a night out without the boys and just each other, I cant really remember what we talked about thanks to the happy hour at Turtle Bay but I'm glad we did it. It was kind of surreal visiting the MEN Arena after everything that happened, it's definitely strange to think that somewhere so many people visit every weekend, to see their favourite bands and artists, that they count down the years, months and days for - is now somewhere people feel a little on edge. Having visited so much as a kid, we weren't phased, but with that entrance still out of action it's still a stark reminder of all those who lost their lives that night. 

Shawn was unreal, I don't really feel like I can properly do just how insane he was justice. Even John who was never what you would call a fan girl, was impressed. Our seats were pretty fantastic and we couldn't have asked for any better - thanks Mum! Though after I don't know how many cocktails earlier, and a bladder that's been strained by two pregnancies, I'm not sure how much the rest of the row thanked my ups and downs to the toilet every thirty minutes. Whilst we were in the City that day, the boys were off again with Lucy and Joe but this time they visited the airport to see the planes taking off and landing, then were lucky enough to go to Uncle Joe's work and see all the fire engines, play with the hoses and even sit in some. We all had such a nice weekend and for once I wasn't obsessed with snapping every single moment on my phone, I'm definitely learning to be more in the moment now than ever before. 

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