Working from home when you have little ones is never easy, it's constantly a battle over what needs your time more. Not between the boys and work clearly, as they always come first, but silly things like should I go and tidy all the lego away right now or wait and finish photographing these products? Your time is always torn and I think it's rare that those of us who do work from home, find ourselves spinning all the plates equally, I know I don't and it's more often than not that I'm dropping one. 2019 I want to be the year that I get better at it, I don't want to feel as though if I'm succeeding at one aspect in life then I'm failing at another, so I'm trying to work on little things that can help me iron out my work from home life.

First up is nailing an office space, my current desk area leaves a lot to be desired and seems to collect odds and ends piled up on it rather than seeing me sat down there. I know I need a set area to focus, hence why I created the office area last year but I just always seem to drift elsewhere in the house, which leads to distractions and obviously limits my productivity. I can't be sat working in front of the television without flicking on an episode of my favourite trash tv, suddenly an hours gone by, I've wrote nothing of my blog post but I know why Kim and Kourtney fell out in episode 45 of KUWTK, it's counter productive I know and it's something I'm really keen to nip in the bud over the next few months. Fishpools put together a really simple guide on how to create your dream office space and I think perhaps a little redecoration of mine, might give me the oomph to get back into the swing of working from there.

The second big task is starting Patrick in nursery, I keep putting it off and off as he's pretty outgoing so I know it wont harm him by not attending, but I just enjoy having him to myself too. I like that bar family, we don't have to share him with anyone else and it was a huge reason why I decided to become a full time blogger so to suddenly pop him in nursery or playgroup feels a little bit backwards in a sense. I know it will benefit him and I know it will impact on me too meaning I can get more done and really separate my working days and my Mum days as at the moment as soon as he's down for a nap or when the boys go to bed at night, I'm working away - I'd love for that to cease and to only focus on work when I've truly got child free time rather than cramming it in every spare moment.

Something that I really started out well with last year that seemed to fall to the side, was writing, I obviously don't mean here on the blog but instead making notes and planning posts. It really helps me when it comes to actually getting the words out online and I found myself having so much inspiration when I'd had a good brainstorming session in a diary that week - I truly want to get back to that as more often than not I have the ideas for what I want to say but when I come to sit down my mind wanders off and any words I had allude me. It's as though some thick writers fog mist descends and I know I need to combat it, starting this week I'm going to get back into planning, not only does it help me with figuring out where I want to go with ideas - it keeps me organised and on track to make sure I'm not missing any important deadlines.

I know realistically that working from home is never going to be a walk in the park, but it's definitely the route I'm happier taking than my previous working scenarios. Whilst the juggling act can be hard, it's something I know I can always work on and I don't need approval from anyone else to make changes that suit me or my family better - it's the best lifestyle for us and here's to hoping this year I can make it run that bit smoother than it has been.

*this is a collaborative post

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