If you've got little ones, you'll almost certainly have heard of Puppy Dog Pals, the friendly animation series on Disney Junior where little pugs Rolly and Bingo go on crazy adventures around their town (yes I'm thoroughly invested myself - ok) Well when we received some of the brand new launched Puppy Dog Pals toy collection, I knew the boys would go bonkers and rightly so, it's pretty amazing. I always find little figures really long lasting toys, Patrick enjoys them at two and Noah is still really into them at almost five, so naturally when I opened the box and saw what was released, I was excited for them.

Doghouse Playset - £29.99
The play set is a huge winner for me in this collection, it brings it all together and gives them something to do with the action figures. Brilliant for the younger ones in the family that haven't quite got the imagination to create their own game, they can play around this. The Bingo and Rolly figures can ride the tyre swing, test out the lift, play on the seesaw, or spin on the glider, they're so much cause and effect going on that my two spent a good 45 minutes purely interested in this and seeing what they could make their pugs do.

Pet & Talk Plush Pals - £9.99
The Pet and talk plushes are designed to be a childs' best friend, after all, what kid doesn't love it when they think a toy is talking to them? With over ten different phrases and sounds the plushes are fantastic, just press the little button on their back to activate and set them off whilst their head bobs along. I'm hoping I can convince Noah that this is a pet and it'll be a great way to fend off those 'Why don't we have a dog mummy?' questions. So far, so good.

Puppy Love Plush - £16.99
The plushes are fantastic, when playtime is over but your little one isn't quite ready to step away. The plush is the best companion for bedtime snuggles, he's spent every night since his arrival into our house, tucked up in Noahs arms. It's large, soft and super snuggly.

Figures on the Go - £12.99
With a choice of the Racing Rocket Bingo and Rolly's Sailboat Launcher in this collection, they're going to be a hit. You simply load your figure and their vehicle onto their platform, press down onto the paw print and watch them whizz away. It's a really easy one to figure out and after a couple of showings, Noah (4) was able to easily do this by himself, we even had races when we lined them up side by side and saw who could get them further. Yes, I won every time.

Deluxe Figures Set - £29.99
This set has absolutely everything you would need for the perfect playtime. With over ten characters you're childs favourite is sure to be there and it rules out the risk of squabbles over who has what. It goes really well with the Doghouse Playset and my two have loved using them both together. The figures are really well made and durable compared to a lot of others we've found, easy to grip and feel as though they'll be able to stand the test of time (or children).

Travel Pets and Figures - £3.99
Tell me a parent with a child over three that hasn't been sucked into collectables or surprise bag hypes. Not me. The travel pets and figures are great for satisfying that collectable urge. Handy for fun on the go, popping into a flight bag or simply something to play with in the car. There are so many to collect and each one comes with their own little carrier to pop them in too, very handy!

Like the look of the new collection? You can snap them up from any of the retailers below or, head on over to the @ukmumstv Twitter Page on the 15th of August between 1-3pm to join in with the #PuppyDogPalsToys to be in with a chance of winning some of the fantastic collection, as well as seeing all the exciting things we've been getting up to with our new toys!
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*We were given the bundle of toys in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Well aren’t these the cutest little toys. I think I would like one for myself. I know lady would love them, I’m sure she’d call one max. She’s obsessed with Secret Life of Pets

  2. Great ideas for the car! My daughter is always needing something new to do on trips

  3. Ahhh I think I've seen this show on when I used to take Pickle to Rhythm Time classes - they have a TV on in the bar area with some toys for the children to play with either before or after their class. These look fab! I used to think tv show toys were a bit of a merchandising money-spinning thing but seeing how much my little boy LOVES getting to play with his favourites is so magical!

  4. Rachel EvansAugust 19, 2018

    Oh wow these toys are cute! My kids would love them xx

  5. Oh these are so cute! My boys would love these. We all love Disney toys in our house! xx

  6. Elsa loves Puppy Dog Pals at the moment, I will have to show her this post! x

  7. Looks great we want to get this for Oscar for Christmas