The boys tickets are booked, and while their suitcases aren't quite packed yet I think we can say it's certain that they're holidaying without us in May. My parents are doing their yearly take-the-grandchildren-on-holiday lark, so the boys are headed off to their villa in Spain for a few nights. A mixture of excitement for both them and us fills me when I think about it, but also a little pang of nerves, I'll miss them, I've never been without both of them for a period of time at home like this. The house will be deathly quiet, with their toys going untouched for four whole days. I'll be able to leave home and know I'll return to it in the same state it was left, and those little pieces of relief are what will carry me through. It's no joke that raising children is hard, so is it so wrong that I'm jumping for joy at the prospect of a few nights peace?

The holiday has been arranged for the best part of a year now, I think my Mum booked it so far in advance, safe in the knowledge Patrick would be 'definitely sleeping through by then', sorry about that one Mother but you're in for a little shock. I on the other hand was well aware of how stubborn and wild my child can be, and knew that if anything, this break for them, would be a break for me and John too. So over the last six months I've had a lot of thinking time, what will we do with the time we've got without them? Should we head away ourselves and really relish the days, spend it redecorating with no children to cause disruption? We're still yet to completely decide on how we'll fill our child free days, but I have got a couple of ideas.

A trip to the supermarket
Do you know how nice it will feel to grab one of those tiny trolleys with no childrens seat in it? To not have to wrangle my feisty toddler, who is usually stretching out as stiff as board by this point, into said seat whilst everyone stares at his screeches? To wander aimlessly up and down the aisles, and not execute the shopping trip with military precision, armed with lists and snacks, in order to get the boys out before a ruckus is caused. As dull and mundane as a shopping trip is, a shopping trip solo when you have children, is a rare form of gold dust and one that must be taken advantage of. Heck we can even head out in the evening, something which was a no no before, as the boys have their evening routine and that must not be disrupted for fear of sleep deprivation consequences.

Staying up late
Trying to stay up beyond 10pm when you have a child that thinks sleep is for the weak, is a risky business. You're playing with fire and sure as hell tempting fate, it will never go your way and you will regret it once you're on your third wake up call of the night. On weekends me and John often want to stay up and watch a film together, but the nearer that hand is to midnight, the quicker our hearts beat and reality sets in - it's not worth it. I know people say that 'nobody ever talks about the nights they got a good sleep', well those people were clearly not parents because that would be the highlight of my month let me tell you. I want to be able to stay awake at night and be reckless, not living in fear of my sleep thief and knowing I'll be a walking nightmare the next day.

Eat junk
I think all parents can relate to hiding in the kitchen to eat a piece of chocolate away from hungry eyes and whilst I'm looking forward to doing that openly without a worry I'm talking a bit more than that. We generally eat quite healthy home cooked meals, as the boys have to eat them too when sometimes you really just want to dive into the Mcdonalds drive thru or order a chinese. There is no way we'd been able to eat these without wandering hands coming up to snatch pieces away, and to be honest I wouldn't want them to sample the greasy delights that are a big mac. It'll be a welcomed change to not have to think about what we're going to have for tea that night, till it's time to cook tea, not worrying about the salt content or our five a day and just eating without any guilt.

Date nights.
These are like a mythical creature in our house, spoke about but never actually seen. May will see a change to that, as me and John really want to take advantage of the childcare arrangements already being taken care of. To be able to check a cinema listing at 6pm and think 'shall we just go out?', something we've never have the privilege of doing since we had the boys. Cocktails will be on the menu one night, though nothings set in stone, I know they'll make an appearance along with eating out. We don't eat out very often as it's usually a bit of a palaver with Patrick, whilst Noah is good as gold, we know it isn't worth the hassle, to sit down and not enjoy a meal. That stress is taken away when it's just me and John, so I know we'll be slotting in some time for a meal out.

If you haven't got any children, these are probably the thinks you take for granted every week, they were for me before I became a Mum. It'll be nice to have time to fully appreciate them, though these opportunities are few and far between, I want to make the most and keep busy so that I'm not moping at home missing them.


  1. A few days without the kids is so needed! I love it when I get opportunities for a shopping trip without my son or going out for dinner! How fancy 😃

  2. Haha I don't have children but I know what you mean by hiding junk food when kids are around. And enjoy your date night too!

  3. Although I don't have children I can tell how important it is to do things for yourself - away from the responsibility of being mother you are also a human being and need loving too! I am excited for to have this small break!


  4. Definitely, definitely make the most. Although come day 2, I can vouch for the fact that you'll want them back desperately. My daughter goes to her dads for 2-3 days a week. The first day I get so much done and the house is oddly quiet, by day 2 I'm on facetime to her wishing she was home. You should definitely squeeze in lots of date nights during that time. :) X

  5. We all need that time away to enjoy the junk food in peace at the very least !!! It's so typical that we put on the rose tinted glasses by day two and remember how wonderful our darlings truly are ,eh ?! X

  6. When my son used to go away with his Granny I would miss him terribly. I would ring every day and didn't know what to do with myself. You've got some great ideas here, going to the supermarket child free is bliss