Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender*

As a parent to now two children, when it comes to weaning for Patrick I really wanted a product that is going to be an 'all in one product' - time is precious and not something I can afford to fritter away so I was very excited to see the Nuby Blender is exactly what I was looking for.

This blender comes with absolutely everything you could need for weaning in one box, and believe my the uses don't just stop when a weaning journey does. Because I've already used this to create some smoothies with Noah, and I've even steamed some vegetables for our own dinners in there. It really is a product for the whole family as it can grow with your little ones. The kit is super easy to figure out, with no real assembling needed, the included instructions manual is so well laid out that it really is impossible to go wrong - it even includes some fabulous recipes for all ages and stages. Because the blender is exactly that all in one product I wanted, it really limits on the washing up (is that not the best bonus?) as you're not needing different pots to steam your fruit or veg in - it comes with a built in steam basket, you simply chop your veg, pop it into the steam basket and into the microwave it goes, within minutes you have lovely tender vegetables that with a click of a switch can be whizzed down to the desired texture. It really is that simple.

In the kit you also get a variety of storage solutions, including a large freezer tray and then six individual freezer pots which are so handy for when your little one is chomping down that bit more. It also means you can make batch loads and freeze them for a later date, and with the larger and smaller batch bowls, it really allows for that.

I really can't fault Nuby with this blender, it's currently a bargain at £35, which when you add up the cost of individual pouches or jars, it's so incredibly economic and ensures you know exactly what your little one is taking in.


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