We all laugh and joke don't we, as bloggers or just as people who are pretty active on social media, that something is 'instagrammable' or 'insta-worthy'. I've watched every blogger and their dog this summer head to lavender fields, sunflower farms and pick your own patches, the photos are always beautiful, fit in with any Instagram dream grid and firmly tick off a box for being part of the bandwagon. But why? Why do we do it? I thought it over this weekend, as I debated making an almost two hour drive for lavender glory before giving my brain a reality check and talking some sense into myself. And perhaps these are the reasons I'll never be the owner of a swipe up function, or never truly be '#goals', should we be pushing ourselves to visit beautiful places every weekend or is it all for the sake of a picture and selling a dream that is so far away from our reality?


If you've got little ones, you'll almost certainly have heard of Puppy Dog Pals, the friendly animation series on Disney Junior where little pugs Rolly and Bingo go on crazy adventures around their town (yes I'm thoroughly invested myself - ok) Well when we received some of the brand new launched Puppy Dog Pals toy collection, I knew the boys would go bonkers and rightly so, it's pretty amazing. I always find little figures really long lasting toys, Patrick enjoys them at two and Noah is still really into them at almost five, so naturally when I opened the box and saw what was released, I was excited for them.


The summer holidays are in full swing, so with what seems like every other British family, we're enjoying as many days out as we can. Who knows how long this beautiful weather will last (it's already been months it feels like, I know) so we truly want to cherish every moment as when autumn and winter hits I'm sure we'll be doing what we do best and having a good old moan. My boys need a exercising, like animals, they have to get a run out or they'll be going up the walls and ultimately send me crazy in the process. When LittleLife sent us some of their Buzz Lightyear backpacks, it was the perfect excuse for another fun filled summer day out - just with that little Disney magic on top.