It's no secret that I am all aboard the train of having time away from social media, ironically that now it's a large part of my job, I'm more aware than ever on how it can affect day to day life and just how incredibly important it is to differentiate between work and home. Which when your job can be accessed through your mobile, it means putting down the phone and closing down the apps for a while. Iphones now have the delightful feature so we can see just how much time we're using, or wasting depending how you want to look at it, and in what places. Obviously for me Instagram was the biggest culprit when I first started reading into the numbers last year and it's easy to see why, with a simple click of the little icon you can get lost in a world of metro tiles and idealistic quotes, it's very easy to see the highlights of everyone else's lives and compare it to the reality of your own.


Each year I think as someone who is self employed, a parent, works from home, the list is endless, I feel January is the longest month in existence. It impacts all of those roles in different ways, but especially because of the ebb after Christmas, January just feels, well honestly, a little bit rubbish. Last year we can all probably remember that every month had thirty or thirty one days bar January which seemed to have roughly three hundred and thirty, it lasted forever, so I was secretly relieved when this year it seemed to pass just like every other month before and after it. However, I think something has taken it's place - February, every time I sleep I'm sure I wake up in the day before, February is fast becoming the month that never ends.


You know we go through parenthood telling our kids not to lie, to be honest and tell the truth and yet here I am sharing the lies that I most definitely tell on a weekly basis. I think telling little sneaky lies as parents is pretty standard and so I'm sure I'm not alone. There are so many pointless alternate facts that are weaved into childhood as almost unwritten rules, that eating crusts will make your hair curly, and carrots make you see in the dark - it just seems part and parcel that sometimes, we have to tell untruths to basically get what we want. Let's not sugar coat it, it's out and out blackmail and I don't know if I'd get through the weeks as easily if I didn't use some of these classics.