With the fresh school term creeping closer and closer, I knew I had to bite the bullet and accept that Noah is starting school. Internal sobbing aside for a moment, it was time to go uniform shopping and whilst it's still upsetting that I'm losing him to education, the idea of kitting him out top to toe and seeing him all suited and booted was exciting. We headed to Tesco as we'd heard such great things, with an 82% 'would buy again' rating on Mumsnet, that spoke volumes to me along with a whole host of fantastic claims F&F are making this year - we knew it would be a crime not to road test them.


If you haven't heard of PJ Masks then you must have been hidden under a rock, my boys are absolutely infatuated with them. Having met them in the flesh this weekend, you can imagine how many times we've heard the words Owlette and Catboy in the past twenty four hours. So when the opportunity to road test the brand new PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot came up, we grabbed it with both hands, which I'm grateful for as having had a good week or so experimenting with it, I know it's one of those toys that is going to be kicking around the house for quite some time.


We all laugh and joke don't we, as bloggers or just as people who are pretty active on social media, that something is 'instagrammable' or 'insta-worthy'. I've watched every blogger and their dog this summer head to lavender fields, sunflower farms and pick your own patches, the photos are always beautiful, fit in with any Instagram dream grid and firmly tick off a box for being part of the bandwagon. But why? Why do we do it? I thought it over this weekend, as I debated making an almost two hour drive for lavender glory before giving my brain a reality check and talking some sense into myself. And perhaps these are the reasons I'll never be the owner of a swipe up function, or never truly be '#goals', should we be pushing ourselves to visit beautiful places every weekend or is it all for the sake of a picture and selling a dream that is so far away from our reality?