My baby you're really a boy now, not that you haven't been since birth but you're growing up so fast, I don't want to take my eyes away for a second. I couldn't be prouder to be your Mummy, you amaze me every single day. Though you're changing right in front of me, your personality remains the same and I couldn't be happier knowing you're still the kind, caring, sweet little boy that started to show way back in 2014.


I'm being cliche before I start this, I already know. I really didn't want to do a whole 'new year, new me' post, because that couldn't be further from my mindset - but it feels like the elephant in the room not to acknowledge it's a brand new year, especially given how much happened in 2019. If you're new here, I am now a single Mum, my choice and one that I am happy with, however it doesn't really mean that 2019 wasn't incredibly hard. A lot of upheaval, admittedly not as much for me as there was for John, but still a lot of change in our household which me and the boys are still definitely getting used to. I don't want to go into everything too much, as I'm so mindful of how what you put online isn't really footprints in the sand, more of giant footprints in wet concrete, so I don't want to put anything out there that I may want to take back in a few months or years. You have to be considerate of which I'm trying my absolute best to be. So 2020..


My youngest is petrified of the vacuum at home, whenever I contemplate having a quick run around with it, I have to declare it loudly so he can jump onto the sofa for 'protection'. I'm not sure if it's the noise, or the thought my boys have to tidy their toys away for me to do it that scares them, but alas, they don't like it. Their requests usually vary from asking me not to do it (believe me I would take them up on that if I could) or to sit with them on the sofa whilst I vacuum and while I pride myself on my ability to multitask - I'm not quite that good sons. So, when I was kindly asked if I'd like to review the Casdon Dyson Vacuum of course I jumped at the chance, I'm a real firm believer in learning through play and whilst this isn't your ordinary educational toy, it's definitely helped learn my boys that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of when it comes to vacuuming.