Blogging as a career is pretty new, blogging in general however isn't, people have been writing online since online existed, it's only now with the rising popularity of social media that companies see the worth and influence that people online can have. I love this being my job, it's truly one of the best choices I made, but it doesn't come without it's pitfalls and annoyances, just like every other career. For me and I'd put a lot of money on it being an issue for many other bloggers too, is people and brands acting dismissive of your worth, it's not that they don't know because they do - that's why they're contacting you, but it's simply having the ignorance to think you wont realise what they're trying to do. Free products. If I had a tenner for every time I'm asked if I can do something 'in return for a free XYZ' it drives me up the wall, the statement itself is so incredibly contradictory yet it's somehow still probably one of the most common amongst my inbox.


I think it's refreshing these days that across social media, as parents we are seeing more and more very honest portrayals of motherhood. It's relatable and it makes you feel a lot less alone when you notice that actually, not everyone has it together all of the time and yes, you're not the only parent with a huge wash pile that never ends. But it seems that the scales have tipped so much from one extreme to the other and now I'm actively seeing people both online and off, vilified for seeming to cope just fine with being a Mum, as if in some way if they're not seen to be struggling, or documenting those struggles, then their version of motherhood isn't 'real'. So while I champion talking about the realities of what parenthood is like, both the highs and lows, I'm really not liking this drastic move into labelling something that isn't your reality not 'real'.


It's snuggle season here for us, the windows are closed, the hats and scarves are out of the box and the coats are always in the car boot ready for the next adventure. I was already eyeing up some pieces in Next, like I do every time a new season hits and they got in touch asking us to pick out our favourite bits and they'd send them over. With the colder weather now setting in, I knew that knits and winter wear was the way to go, we've purchased pretty much every type of clothing from Next and they always last so well, they end up being passed on from Noah to Patrick because they're still in great shape even after a year of wear.