In the hours leading up to and then following child birth I think it's probably a time when as women we're most vulnerable, we're hormonal, emotional, tired and generally don't really have a grasp on much. Who can blame us, it's the toughest thing we go through right? So what baffles me is why the NHS deem it appropriate to bring what is effectively doorstep sellers, to your hospital bed, with your precious newborn bundle used as a tool to lure you into spending hundreds of pounds. I honestly don't even know where to begin with this post, it's one I uhm'ed and ahh'ed over writing for so long, because I do think the NHS is an invaluable service. However when I touched upon it in a previous post, it seemed fitting to explain just exactly why I detest Bounty reps on maternity wards.


Patrick is three next month, which still seems pretty unreal to him, didn't I just give birth to him a few months ago? We're at the stage now when I can look at older pictures of him and really see the difference, he's lost all of that baby chub and he's taller, thinner and has a mouth that never seems to close. But there is one thing about my little sweet Pip that hasn't changed from day one, actually who am I kidding, he caused havoc before he was born as you'll know if you've been around long enough. He is our wild card, the baby that I truly didn't see myself being a parent of, after having Noah we really thought the fact we had such a sweet and calm child must be a reflection on our fantastic parenting (I'm rolling my eyes at former me too). Turns out it's absolute pot luck and if Pip had of been our first child, he'd have probably been our only child because he is crazy. Would we have him any other way? Absolutely not.


Becoming a Mum for the first time is overwhelming, of course it is, it doesn't matter how many months of cooking a baby in your belly you've had, how many antenatal classes you attended or however many little blobs of black and white scan photos you collected, it still somehow comes as a shock doesn't it? I remember pinning all these mood boards on Pinterest to cover exactly how I envisioned myself as a parent, of course it didn't quite go to plan and I'm not sure if I could look further away from any of those images I had in my head. The truth is you never really know how motherhood is going to affect or change you, until you're amongst the waves and suddenly you're not really too sure who you're meant to be anymore.