This year I've loved buying for my boys, I really have. Especially Noah who is four, he's at an age were he definitely has his 'style' of toy, he loves construction, tractors and vehicles but he really enjoys puzzles too and learning games. Four is a wonderful age because he really appreciates the things he opens, you get the wow factor and the excitement as they unwrap the paper. It's my favourite age so far and I can't wait for him to see what he has for Christmas this year. Children are definitely amongst the easiest to buy for, so I'm sharing what I think will make fantastic presents this year.


This year is the first year in a long time that I've really had to think hard about what I would like for Christmas. It's tricky when you become a parent, I get far more enjoyment from buying things, or receiving gifts for the boys than I do myself. In fact, I loathe picking things up for me in comparison to shopping for them. Everything is just a little more exciting in mini version, right? But, as it does every year the inevitable 'What do you want for Christmas?' question has been shot at me numerous times and because I've genuinely not had time to sit and think for a moment, I've found myself giving the mundane reply of 'I don't really know to be honest'. It's not a lie, because there isn't anything I desperately need and long gone are the days when I had time to search endlessly online or dedicate an evening to flicking through the boots gift guide.


The past few months have been manic, as though life is blitzing by at some sort of double rate. Half of me doesn't want to stop to catch my breath, because I'm frightened I'll miss so much in those small moments. I think it's natural that this time of year is a little bit more hectic, please tell me that's the case for everyone? I feel like one of those ducks that's bobbing along on the surface but ferociously pedalling my feet away underneath. I know things will slow when I finish work, and I'll be completely honest in that I'm counting down the days. We're out of the house for most of the week and the time in the evening when we can all sit down and relax seems so fleeting - I just really can't wait for Christmas, when time for us to unwind will be aplenty.