From the moment you find out you are pregnant with number two, you're filled with wonder. I certainly was, constantly wondering how on earth could I love another the way I love Noah. It just didn't feel possible, my heart was so full and he occupied so much of it that I really didn't think there would be room for another. You never have to worry about your love for your children in comparison to the love for your other half, because they're two totally different kinds, but was another arrival going see my halving the love I had to give? I definitely worried.


I know there isn't a 'one size' for bloggers, particularly parenting bloggers because there are so many of us. All different family make ups, spread across the world and all doing our own little thing. But I can't help that feel sometimes I am not quite a stereotypical blogger. I see things sometimes that is the 'done' thing, and just think it's so not me, I'd never do that, I couldn't do that. Other times I do thinks that would be frowned upon or shrugged at by the more professional bloggers, I don't put on a facade and I don't mask who I am, my home isn't a scandi dream (though I am trying) and we don't go on long whirlwind adventures to national trusts every day. I'm just me.


Toddlers are feisty, they have their own mind and opinions on what they want to do and certainly on what they don't want to do. It can be incredibly hard to keep them busy or to even get them to sit still, I certainly struggle even getting a photograph of Noah these days with full co-operation, he's a little like a blender with no lid on at times. But, I am noticing that his attention span is much longer than it used to be, we recently did our first cinema trip with him and he absolutely loved it (Trolls is now a firm favourite in our household) he sat so well throughout. Just last week he managed two 3 hour flights seamlessly and shall be doing the same again next week - it's safe to say he can take on a lot more in terms of activities. So, that's what I'm talking about today.


Weaning is something I eagerly anticipated with my first son, it was new, exciting and another stage we could throw ourselves into. With Patrick though I was still excited when the time came, I didn't will it on any sooner as I had with Noah because I knew that it meant my baby was losing a little bit more of the baby phase with each new meal. We even held off with Patrick till he was six months old as guidelines have changed at the recommended age isn't four months anymore, which I was glad of as looking back four months old seems so tiny and fragile to begin it, but I know all babies are different. Patrick simply wouldn't have been ready at that stage, he almost wasn't quite ready at six months either but after giving ourselves a break of a few days after we initially started, he soon came around and got the hang of the weaning game.


Sharing a bedroom with my sister brings some of the fondest memories of my childhood along with some of the worst, which I can laugh about now - her snoring would have me in tears. It makes me question whether my boys should share a bedroom, is it a bit mean to put them together when we have space for their own rooms, or is this just a part of childhood? I've read so many articles, blog posts and heard lots of different points of view on the matter, it seems everyone's children handle the situation differently, so it got me thinking, should my boys share a bedroom?