Every month me and Noah have our mummy and Noah days, they're something I look forward too as much as he does. I think it dawned on me over the summer that this time next year, he'll actually be in full time school and no matter how much I want to, I wont be able to just keep him off for a day together like I have done in the past with nursery. Of course we'll have the summer holidays, but so will half the county and it takes away the element of our days feeling that bit more special. That being said, school is just around the corner and with him starting part time in January - the perks of a December birthday, it means we've both taken much more of an interest in ensuring he is where he needs to be in terms of academia.


We had a lovely weekend last week, all suited and booted in our matching yellow coats we headed off to our much awaited Pumpkin Patch visit. We'd only picked pumpkins for the first time just last year, but it's easily one of my favourite memories of Autumn and Winter. Patrick was only three months old and we'd just ploughed through a really hard September with both boys catching the dreaded chicken pox, visiting the Pumpkin farm was our first taste of the outside world in a few weeks and it felt great. This year, with two boys wanting to whizz in different directions, it was tricky at times but still just as magical.


If you caught my recent post, you'll know that our feet are well and truly on British soil again now, quite muddy and wet soil if I'm honest. We had such a lovely time and it was more than needed, me and John haven't had any real time away together since we had two children, even before Patrick was born we'd only had an odd night here or there in the whole three years. Without the everyday stresses of work, children and household chores it was very relaxing and I thoroughly recommend it to any couple. Of course we missed the boys, that much is obvious but I had certainly missed full nights of sleep, laying in till silly o'clock and not arguing over who's turn it was to wake up with the boys.


Halloween hasn't ever been a huge thing here in the UK really has it? Well at least I don't remember it ever being. I have some really vivid memories from trick-or-treating as a child, and though they are fond moments to reflect on, the idea of letting my children knock onto strangers doors and accept sweets seems to alien to me now. After all, we spend so much of our time telling children not to talk to strangers and all of the warnings that come along with that. That doesn't mean I wont be dishing out a tonne of sweets to all of the locals in our village. Last year we popped a sign on the door after 7:30pm asking nobody to ring the bell as not to wake the boys, but simply help themselves, I was pleasantly surprised the next morning to notice there were sweets left - what an honest village we live in. I'm not sure younger me and my siblings would have such restraint as not to take the majority of the bowl.


I love thinking about baby names, more so when you don't have an actual baby to name yourself because there is no pressure, you can throw names about and it's all in jest. Which is why I've loved the recent baby names tag floating around Youtube, I'm yet to see it on an actual blog so I thought I'd bring it this way myself. The questions are interesting and goes a little deeper than the generic 'You're favourite baby names that you love but wont use'. Just to give you a head start, the questions instruct you to go from this baby names list for boys and this for girls, both from the year 2015.


I can't quite believe both how quick and slow that time has gone, I can still remember the evening before my first day back like it was yesterday yet maternity leave feels an absolute age ago. So much has changed in such a short space of time, my baby is a baby no more and Noah is in his final year at nursery before he begins school next year. I remember my first six months back to work after having Noah, feeling so nervous and it taking some time to find my feet - this time around life feels to have gone a lot smoother in the work place, I'm content, tired but content and actually looking forward to what the next six months will bring.


We're back, we've landed, unpacked the suitcase and cracked open the duty free choccies we bought. Ahh is it good to be home, I think sometimes you need a break away just to appreciate home that little bit more. They say your home is wherever you feel most comfortable and that is definitely our house for me. Reuniting with my babies was the best feeling, I know in the grand scheme of things that four nights isn't much, but we've never spent more than one away from each other so for us it felt like a pretty huge deal. By bedtime I'm sure I'll be ready to jump back onto that plane and whizz off into the skies but for now, I'm so glad to be home with my boys.