17 July 2017

So, Beyonce has popped out two babies and sent the world into overdrive, but let's face it, what does Beyonce do that doesn't set the internet into meltdown? That elevator fight, becky with the good hair, those pregnancies photos and now this postpartum snap. The girl can't catch a break since she showed the world her two newest additions - who might I add look SO adorable, though it seems nobody has actually looked at the babies because most people were too busy criticising her for not being 'normal' or 'real'. I mean excuse me? Since when does a woman have to put herself out to the world, looking like a piece of crap, for the benefit of making other women feel more 'real'?.

I'm quite confident I'm in a minority with my views on this, as my social media has been rife with snide remarks towards queen bey. I'm no Beyonce hailer, in fact I don't think I've ever got over my Destiny's Child grudge when she left them to go solo. But that's besides the point. When I saw her first postpartum picture, I saw a woman looking freakin' amazing and I gave a her a little mental clap that a month after birthing twins she could look so on fire. The photo shoot was by no means playboy, her modesty reserved by that bed sheet (I mean, I don't even know what that was) but by the tweets I saw before I viewed the photograph itself, anyone would think she'd gone all Victoria Secrets on us. It's one photograph, ONE. One second of time, and we don't know anything more than that snap. She's probably cushioned in with so many maternity pads it's as if she's wearing an adult nappy, her boobs more comparable to bowling balls in weight and the night sweats make her feel as though she's napping in the Sahara. But do we really need to see that? I mean really? What benefit would that bring anybody? Would seeing another mother at her worst, feeling crap, looking crap and talking about how low she feels - make us as mums too feel great? No, I certainly wouldn't. I'd rather her not be 'relatable' and appear goddess like than see her at 3am crying into her sick stained pyjamas as she gets up for the seventh time that night.

I don't know where along the way of being supportive, did so many learn to only support those parents who align with the same way of parenting and motherhood as they do. I might have found life crap at four weeks into motherhood, but that doesn't mean I wan't anyone else too feel that way - including bloody Beyonce. The woman did a photo shoot, just as many of us choose to do ourselves with our newborns, we pick out our favourite outfit and we make sure we look as good as we can, could you imagine showcasing those photos to be criticised that you're not portraying 'real' motherhood. Since when did Celebrities become responsible for having to document a 'real' account of anything, and who on earth determines what is real motherhood anyway. Some women do find it easy and even look glam during labour, it's not up to us as mothers to determine whether that's genuine or not. It seems quite sad to me that as a nation we're happy to support mothers who're having it hard, struggling and generally not enjoying parenthood in a moment, but the mums who seem to have it all together - no screw them, that isn't ok. Me, I'm saying more power to her, she looks incredible as do her babies and long may it continue, she's juggling three babies and quite frankly I don't give a damn whether she has 101 night nannys helping her through that or she's doing it all solo - the girls done good!


  1. I have to say I burst out laughing when I saw it. I find both of her pics like this incredibly pretentious but each to their own!

  2. You're right, it is a photo shoot and quite impersonal, not real life. I just wish she looked happy!

  3. I personally feel the attention is not on those little babies but all on her... I also don't agree with the fact that this has almost certainly been heavily photo shopped... but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what I think because it wasn't my shoot, it was hers, and hopefully she is happy with it as that's all that really matters x

  4. Not even sure what that pic was meant to be :)

  5. You raise good points here, she probably can't win. If she was looking more 'real' she'd probably be criticized for that too! She could look a bit happier in the photo mind haha x

  6. If she looked "Real" people will complain, aslong as she is happy and the babies are happy then what is the issue?


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