3 March 2017

If you haven't heard of Wilf Books, don't worry I hadn't myself but I am incredibly glad that I now have as their service is something pretty fantastic that I know you guys just have to hear a little more on. Callum and Amelia, the creators behind Wilf books wanted to design a completely bespoke book service that has been tailored with your children in mind, you can subscribe and every month you'll receive a beautiful little parcel with individual books for your little ones. How sweet?

Wilf Books kindly reached out to us and asked us if we'd be interested in receiving one of their monthly packages, of course I snapped their hand off as reading is one of our favourite things to do with Noah each and every evening. It's our special one to one, quiet time together that I don't think I'd give up for anything. A monthly subscription box is £19.95 with discounts depending how many months in advance you prepay, when you consider you will get a minimum of three books that's an incredibly good deal. You fill in a short survey on their website when ordering, which helps the lovely creators select stories specifically with your little one in mind.

First Impressions
I was thrilled when our package arrived. Like I mentioned, we really enjoy story time and I loved the surprise element because you're likely to receive books you may not ever have stumbled across had it not been for their service. In our box we were so pleasantly surprised to get a personalised post card with a special message for Noah on the reverse, it even included his name hand painted which really was a lovely touch that made Wilf Books feel that bit more personal and unique. Inside we had 'We're going on a bear hunt' an absolute classic and one of my favourites at work (I'm a nursery nurse) but actually one that we didn't have at home as I'd completely forgot about so thank you Wilf Books.

Tried & Tested
Noah loved the little post card, I read the message out to him and he was delighted that it had his name on as he can now easily recognise the letter for Noah. We had a quick flick through the stories, which also included a book about the sea and a penguin one too - a huge hit for a boy who is Pingu obsessed. I didn't have any hesitations if we would love all three and we have. That evening, I was a bit silly and actually forgot about the stories, but my inquisitive three year old had not and was very eager to remind me that we 'needed to read the really cool book with the bears'. As you can imagine it we ended up reading all three that very night and particularly 'We're going on a bear hunt' has been read every single night in the two weeks since. What is it with toddlers and demanding the same books?

I loved Wilf Books and I think the idea is great. Although my toddler like most does like to stick to what books he knows and enjoys, (usually the same ones for months) Wilf Books changed that for us this month and I have a feeling it would do the same each one thereafter as their packages were just so wonderful. I'd truly recommend these to anyone, what a lovely little gift package it would make too.

*We were gifted this package in exchange for a honest review


  1. Those look like lovely books for little ones and it's great it encouraged your little one to want to look at / listen to different books.

  2. These are fab! Looking for something similar for my youngest, will definitely try them out x

    1. Hey Isabella! It's so great to see that you're passionate about raising your child with books they will love, and that you'll be proud to read with them. We'd be privileged to have you with us! You can find us at: :-)

  3. What a lovely subscription idea. We love reading here too but always end up with the same books over and over. I love it when we get new ones I've not heard of.

    1. Hey Devon Mama! That's exactly what we thought too. A constantly refreshed book supply is a great one. We'd be privileged to have you with us! You can find us at: :-)

  4. You can never have too many books and a subscription is a great way to build up a collection. I love the personal touch too.


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