Money | Should All Bloggers Be Paid a The Same?

It's no secret that when you receive a PR one of the first questions of an up and coming blogger, is 'Do you have a budget we can work with', these days sponsored posts crop up more and more, because brands and companies are finally seeing just how influential bloggers can be. Now I'm a little more savvy, I realise that (now not all) quite often, if a brand is happy to settle on your initial pricing with no negotiations, chances are, they're paying someone else more. I've been on both the underpaid and overpaid side of working with brands, having awkward conversations with fellow bloggers and friends when we've all been paid differently. It's hard, do brands really value your skills more or less than others? Or is it all just a ploy to see what they can get for as little as possible? It can be a slap in the face though, when you realise you totally undersold your skills, but imagine having that portrayed on a much larger scale?

Recently, I saw an interesting article discussing the amounts celebrities are paid to partake in Reality Tv Shows - I'm A Celebrity, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing. Even indication that 'civilian' shows pay contestants to take part too. It was so shocking to see such a huge gap in their fees, and I bet it is for them too. Personally, I feel if they're all taking part in a show like that, then they are all at the same point in their careers (going slightly awry) so surely they should be paid the same? I can't imagine the bitter taste it would leave in your mouth, to know you've been valued so low in comparison to others, don't get me wrong I know you can't really compare a Reality TV star or talent show reject, to a singer or actor - but if the former is wanted on the show as much as the latter, then I think the fees should at least be in the same ball park. It must also be a little bit embarrassing for those with lower fees for the world to see that, I'm sure a lot of them got a fair bit of stick from friends and families when they saw the picture table mentioned previously that Cash Lady kindly published. Something I did notice though, that I thought was lovely, is that quite often equal amounts are donated to charity on behalf of contestants, something I really had no idea about until I saw the article.

What do you think? Should all bloggers be paid the same? Or like Celebrities, should it be 'undisclosed' and dependant on negotiations?

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. I think this is a really hard topic to discuss openly without someone either shooting down what you believe or getting angry at what you believe is the better way, so well done for posting this post!
    I'd say to look at this way, for example; in a "regular" work place, I believe that two people in the same position should be paid the same amount, regardless of age, gender and anything else that could come into it. If the two people are doing exactly the same job, why SHOULDN'T they be paid the same?
    However, If I am writing a blog post and say, 500 unique visitors are going to see it this week and someone else is writing a similar blog post but their reach would be 5,000 unique visitors that week, I can understand why they would be getting more £££ for their post from the brand. Like you say, it is always going to be a bit awkward/difficult to talk about these things between ourselves because it really can feel horrible when you know that someone has been paid more for something that you have also done, but respectfully, if for example; Zoella has a similar brand deal to me, I know that her reach is going to be a lot wider/higher than mine, so it's understandable that she would be raking in more payment for it.
    I guess another way to look at is if you wanted to advertise your blog on another website/blog. If person A is going to want £10 for the month but person B is going to want £20 for the month, you'd probably want to know who's site is getting more traffic in order for your advertisement to be seen and if person A's site has more traffic than B, you'll go with them because it'll cost you less money to have your advertisement seen by more people(Obviously this is if you're looking at it on a complete business point of view, I know that within the blogging community we all help each other out generally and support the bloggers that we want to support regardless of their traffic, but you know what I mean >.< )
    Sorry for the rambly comment and I hope this has come out the way I mean it to, haha!
    Great post and thanks for the conversation starter! xxx

  2. Every blogger has their own value, so no, in my view, people shouldn't be paid the same. I wouldn't expect to be the same as someone with 50k followers on Twitter of 100k monthly page views, but I'd expect to be paid more than a newbie just starting out. I think value comes down to your own interpretation and what you think you're worth.