Since its inception in 1956, The Duke of Edinburgh award, has evolved beyond recognition, and is more relevant today than ever before, allowing young people to gain a respected qualification that speaks volumes for their character. The Duke of Edinburgh award is aimed at the 14-24 year old age group, but it is very widely encouraged amongst the youngest of that group who are in secondary school. The path to adulthood is not always as easy as we might like, and it is essential to gain official qualifications, to enable young people to get the start in life we want them to have, and to give them proof, at an early stage that they can discover and display skills that will propel them forwards.


Patrick is officially eight months old and on the exact day he hit that milestone it came with another, he's been earth side longer than he was in my little womb home. It doesn't feel fair, pregnancy went so slow and really dragged out whereas since he has been born it's as if I blinked twice and now we are here. Why couldn't we have swapped those scenarios around? This month you've achieved so much and changed so quickly and I think the next four months till you are one will be much of the same. It scares me that we've just mentioned your first birthday, oh baby where are these days going?


As you may be aware we were very lucky to be selected as Vital Baby brand ambassadors last year, a role that we've thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely useful. Our role meant that each month we would receive a little care package from them with some new items that were in keeping with Patricks age at that time. I found the set up really lovely because it always felt at a time when I needed to look for certain things for him, be it weaning spoons, a new cup et cetera, Vital baby were right on hand to read my mind and I'd get a knock at the door with the very things I would be looking for. When you're a sleep deprived mum of two, someone taking away the stress element of trawling through websites or supermarket aisles looking for the perfect weaning bowl, was genius and very well received.


It seems that so many are with me on the fact that as parents, it's just too much of a palaver and hassle trying to get date nights out. So many people don't live near family to support and paying for babysitters can seriously rack up, when you factor in mum guilt on top of it all - to me it rarely seems worth it. I am much more of the 'date night in' situation. Which is why this valentines that's exactly what we'll be doing. So in this blog post I'm going to share with you some simple ideas to make a Valentines night in that bit more special, while avoiding major costs and a lot of messing around.


Holidays are a very personal thing for every family, I think what type of holiday you go on depends entirely on what you want to get out of your trip away. Some families prefer stay-cations, others like to take long haul flights to luxurious all inclusive resorts, for us this year it's a villa holiday were as my good friend are heading off on their annual cruise with their little ones. It's individual circumstances that dictate your options. I see some inspirational mamas heading off with their tribe exploring the middle east and as much in awe I am of their free spirits, I know that's not my cup of tea, though I do still ogle the photos in admiration and envy.  So that leaves me thinking what exactly is our 'holiday style', we've tried a few, will we try others?