The Mum I Want To Be In 2017

In my head I always have a clear picture of what kind of Mum I would like to be, there are certain types I just never could be - you know the all singing, baking and dancing ones, yeah that isn't me. I am probably the furthest away from being a pinterest-mum you can get, but I can dream right? I see pictures daily of seriously fantastic things other Mums have done, and although half of the time I'm certain I couldn't pull it off, it did get me thinking of what kind of Mum I want to be this year, the things I want to do more of, the things I want to do less of. Especially as I'm heading back to work half way through this year, I wanted to make myself some little Mummy resolutions that I will try my very best to stick to throughout the year.


I Do Judge

I judge people. I do, I can't help it and I refuse to apologise for it. Judgement in my eyes is an absolutely natural thought process. Judgement is the ability to form an opinion or come to a conclusion. For example if I come to a road - I judge if it's safe to cross. If I see something on offer in a shop, I judge whether it's worth buying. If I see a beautiful garden, I judge the occupants and often wonder what they're like, if gardening is their hobby, their job or they have a gardener. I judge most aspects of life, like I said it's such a natural thought process to me. I find it completely unbelievable and untrue that people are able to tell me that they don't judge. We have television programmes based on judging, I saw half of my Twitter insulting some 'Honey G' to the hills this summer time, we have the likes of Jeremy Kyle which I'm sure we've most definitely all judged people who choose to air their problems on that show. I think the point I am trying to get across is that judging is completely acceptable.


De-Cluttering Our Home

Judging by what I'm seeing around so far this month, everyone is having the same thought processes, de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Our house is in serious need of it, since having Patrick and really getting back into blogging again, the amount of things we have accumulated is sickening, boxes upon boxes, along with a toddler birthday and Christmas, you can just imagine the influx of new things that without throwing out the old stuff yet it really all was becoming a bit much. I ended up actually turning into my de-cluttering mode on Christmas Day, which seems ludicrous I know. I had seen videos and Instagram stories of others enjoying all the toys out everywhere and I do think good on you, but that is not me. When the boys went to bed I had to open all of the boxes, battle with cable ties and scissors to free all singing and dancing plastic monstrosities, to find homes. I couldn't live in a sea of toys, even for a day.

Baby Must Have - The Whisbear

I've made no secret about the fact we got super lucky and had a baby that slept through from five weeks *everyone clap*. I don't know how or why it happened, but it did. As time went on however, we slowly realised that the more aware Patrick became of his surroundings the more he began to struggle with sleep. I'm using the word struggle, very loosely as on the whole he does sleep through - we certainly haven't had to give him a night feed since five weeks, though he does sometimes sporadically wake during the early hours. Quickly we found something that worked for him, white noise and we downloaded all the apps recommended on our phones, yay great, a sleeping baby again. Though in reality, this wasn't a practical or long term solution, our phones were drained of battery, finding somewhere to balance them close enough to him was becoming harder and honestly, we missed having a nosy through social, finding ourselves bickering over which phone to use. Then shone a beacon of hope, in the form of the Whisbear.


Bidvine - Tried And Tested

I think we can all relate to how frustrating it can be when you need to call in a third parties help, whether it's because you need plumbing work, and electrician or in our case, a photographer it can generally be quite time consuming and a palaver to get exactly what you're looking for. So the time has come when we are thinking about Patricks christening and having learned from Noahs about what we do and don't want, as well as where we are willing to spend our money which for us this time is photography. There are so many different things I wanted, that ringing around could be a lengthy process, but Bidvine have took every element of stress out of the situation as possible, with their fantastic trusted professionals search tool.
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