Travelling with a toddler isn't easy, I'll be honest, sometimes you get a fluke, hit the home run and they sleep throughout most of your journey, but most of the time they don't and that means being on top of your game to keep them on their best behaviour. Before I had children I used to think that the holiday began when we reached the airport, my Dad is still a firm believer in this phrase and always heads straight to the bar no matter the time. When you've got smalls tagging along, it's really not the same and in my eyes our holiday doesn't begin until we are at our destination and our bags are unpacked - oh how times change. We've been lucky to fly away every year at least once since our boys arrived, along that way we've learnt some invaluable lessons and sharing is caring after all.


Last week was pretty manic, seems a little strange as we're actually on half term now, so in theory it should be much crazier this week as opposed to last but thankfully John is off a couple of days this week to help man the fort. I can't really put my finger on what exactly it was that sent us on a hectic spiral, but it felt as though I always had something I needed to be doing, that I wasn't managing to do. Or that plans weren't going how they should and it would send our whole day off kilter. Thankfully one advantage of a busy week, is a fast week and the weekend was around before I even had time to think what day it was. Along with the weekend came sunshine, and I must admit it had me longing for the spring and summer months.


I wanted to feature more personal and 'life stories' on Babies and Beauty, because essentially this little space is a huge part of my life, so it makes complete sense. What better way to start than telling you something pretty scary that happened to us almost three years ago now. I feel like I can talk about it more openly now, but at the time and for a good year or two afterwards it utterly terrified me, the constant re-running it through my head of what happened and what could of happened. It ultimately made me a really nervous driver, understandably I'm sure you'll agree? It's not everyday that you expect a forty four tonne vehicle to smash into the side of you on a motorway, though it's a thought that runs through my mind now every time I overtake one.